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mano Certificado Digital

Under Article 3.4 of Law 59/2003 of December 19th, "the electronic signature shall have, in regard to the data in electronic form, the same legal status as handwritten signatures in connection with those on paper."

Digital certificate use guarantees:

  • The identity of the person who acts through the network.
  • The integrity of data delivered over the network.
  • The confidentiality of Communications.
  • The source of the communication.

A digital certificate is the electronic equivalent to an identity card.

The following Digital Certificates are valid for Re-Crea access:

  • Certificate of ownership of business (without power):
    allows the holder to be identified as an employee owned company.
  • Certificates of legal person (with power):
    identifies an entity with legal personality.
  • Certificates of representative (with power):
    allows the holder to act on behalf of the company it represents.

Certificate holders can be in either software (electronic file) or in hardware (smart card).

Re-Crea can use digital certificates issued by the certification authority AC Camerfirma to the Chambers of Commerce, because:

  • They are focused on business and its target audience's needs;
  • They use the Chamber of Commerce's network to validate the data that will be added to the certificate, with its corresponding guarantee.
  • They have a clear international vocation due to the fact that they are integrated into the hierarchy of the European Chambers of Commerce Certification Authorities Chambersign.

For further information about certifications, please go to or contact your local Chamber of Commerce.

Note: Digital certification is compatible with PC and Apple Macintosh.

How do I apply for a Digital Certificate?

To obtain the certificate you can:

Other entities with digital certification support for software and hardware that are accepted by the Re-Crea platform are:

  • ANF, Certification Authority
  • ANCERT, Notarial Certification Agency
  • Signature or Professional

Using the Certificate

This certificate guarantees that transactions between Re-crea users and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce where the documents are stored are secure.

The digital certificate can be used to complete proceedings with the local city council, regional and state government, as well as transactions between business, such as signing contracts, approving projects and e-invoicing.

Signing e-mails and documents: When an email or document is signed, its origin can be proven, and if both sender and receiver have digital certificates, this guarantees that the content is tamper proof.

Access control to restricted areas: For companies with applications, intranets or servers with restricted access, a digital certificate is safer than a traditional login or password.

1 The Spanish electronic ID number, or dni-e, is a national ID document currently issued only to people with Spanish nationality. If you do not have the e-DNI you can apply for one at the DNI office at the national police headquarters, even if your current DNI may not have expired. To be able to use the DNI-e you will need a computer with a keyboard with a DNI-e reader or an electronic card reader and your password.

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