Informarles que Re-crea cesará su actividad el dia 01/07/2024

Informaros de que se ha iniciado el proceso de cierre del proyecto Re-Crea, de forma que ya no se pueden adquirir más depósitos, ni tampoco registrar nuevos usuarios.

El resto de funcionalidades continuaran vigentes con el objetivo de que los usuarios actuales puedan utilizar la herramienta hasta la caducidad de los depósitos adquiridos, siempre de acuerdo a la política de adquisición publicada en el portal.

These amounts will be taxed at the applicable VAT rate. The deposits expire five years from the date of registration.

The purchase of a Deposit Pack gives the user the right to deposit individual documents for a period of five years.

After this period the user is notified of document expiration, and will have the option to renew the registration for a further period of three years.

All packs expire three years after purchase, even if the pack is not entirely used up.

Method of Payment

To acquire deposits, you must buy them by credit card, via a payment gateway or POS (Point of Sale Terminal) through la Caixa.

This payment gateway is fully secure and subject to all rules of protection. The SSL encryption system used ensures the absolute security of data transmission over the network. Re-crea cannot recognise the financial data of the user at any time.

The data is absolutely confidential and protected.

After authorizing the purchase order, the user will immediately receive an electronic invoice issued by AC Camerfirma for the amount of the purchase.

Legal Notice

According to Royal Decree 1496/2003, of November 28th, which approves the Regulation governing the duties of billing and the Regulation of the Value Added Tax, Re-Crea asks the user, through this notice, for his/her express consent in order to submit invoices in a digital format. An electronic invoice is considered a tax document generated by a computer in electronic form, which replaces the physical document on paper and it retains its legal value.

The electronic invoice recipient has the following obligations: to conserve electronic invoices, together with the associated data in its original format, to ensure legibility in its original format, and ensure full access to data.

Re-crea is the property of the Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona