Informarles que Re-crea cesará su actividad el dia 01/07/2024

mano Sello de tiempo

Internet is an excellent medium for sharing creative work, but at the same time it is not safe enough to avoid plagiarism, and the owner has few tools to prove his/her authorship.

The time stamp has the same function as a physical registration, attests to the existence of a creative work, including text, graphics, audio or video and records a certain time and date. The stamp is produced using a reliable time source (ROA) of the date and time that is inseparable from the stamped document. The time stamp links a document with a given time and is not reusable.

The date and time at which the digital stamping service receives the document data is synchronized with the scale of universal time (UTC).

To ensure maximum security, the time stamp is placed on data and not on the stand, so that no bit of paper can be changed without being detected. In addition, using abstract functions (hash), the document contents are fully encrypted and protected from being copied.

Therefore, time stamping is the perfect security tool provided by the digital identity certificates. Through the use of the time stamp, the exact time in which a document was signed is guaranteed.

The time stamp certificates become an essential element in certain procedures, primarily in relationships between senders and receivers, which often require the exact date and time that the registration took place.

The time stamp avoids document handling and attests to document existence.

Re-Crea uses the time stamping of AC Camerfirma.

Re-crea is the property of the Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona